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13300 – our place in the world

Vista aérea da cidade com ícones

The is a communication tool about geographic points of interest to the environmental community of Itu, São Paulo, Brasil.

Those interested in discovering and understanding the dynamics of unsustainable development of the city can use the information posted here as a means of gaining support from others, creating conditions for the discovery of wonders and resolution of problems and conflicts.

Structured information is available information, which can generate knowledge. Working in small groups (or @ Alone on your computer) we can all contribute to the understanding of social phenomena Itu.

Considering all possible partners in this project and the unimaginable capabilities of this platform aims to identify unknown and supporting reviews of the city from two standpoints: one Rolezinho about the wonders of Itu and Checklist of problems. Both tools with products.

Create your account to share and learn a little more about this city that has many difficulties of living in community. Knowing that we have the possibility of it lives evoke the best possible social vibe in ourselves.